We offer monitoring solutions, analysis reports, news releases and advertising. All can be customized – by state, region or nationwide.


Newspaper Monitoring
We provide the print news articles you need by State, Region or Nationwide.


TV Monitoring
Receive scheduled or near real-time e-mail notifications when your stories air. Want an archive of all of your results to be sent to? We’ve got that too!


Internet & Social Media Tracking
Tracking engagement and influence across all social media networks, we provide you with the mentions you want.


Radio Monitoring
Radio news and programming from over 250 radio stations across the United States.


PR Measurement
Delivering the quantitative and qualitative results necessary to measure your PR efforts and provide real business insights.


Press Release Distribution
Releases sent via email directly to the proper inbox of all daily and weekly newspapers by State, Region or nationwide.


Targeted Advertising Services
Sales arm of News Tracker, placing newspaper classified and display advertising for regional and national advertisers.